3.8 Transfer in Child Protection Conferences


This chapter sets out arrangements when a child subject to child protection planning in another authority is now living permanently in Norfolk.
This chapter was added to this manual in May 2015.

When Children’s Social Care is notified that a child subject to child protection planning in another authority is now living permanently in Norfolk, a transfer-in conference should be held. This is on the basis that the Norfolk MASH team manager is satisfied that the transfer is appropriate and that the child’s legal status has been clarified (e.g. whether legal action has been recently taken or considered). Temporary residence in Norfolk does not trigger a transfer-in conference, but the child’s details will still be entered on to CareFirst.

The transfer-in conference is to be held within 15 working days of written notification from the transferring authority and the following information must be provided at the point of transfer request:

  • Current Child Protection Plan;
  • Previous Child Protection Conference Reports;
  • Any current assessment including risk assessments;
  • An evaluation of the implications of the move including increase/decrease level of risk;
  • Any identified special needs including health and education.

It is the transferring authority’s responsibility to ensure the child protection plan continues to be implemented until formal transfer has been agreed at the transfer-in conference. This includes core group activity and key worker responsibility. The transferring authority can negotiate with the Norfolk Assessment Team Manager regarding any urgent assistance required to implement the child protection plan. The Norfolk Assessment Team Manager will make arrangements for the Social Work Assessment to be completed and for the transfer-in conference to be booked with the Independent Chairing service. The transferring authority should then attend the transfer-in conference and provide an updated report incorporating information provided by Norfolk Social Care.

A transfer-in conference is comparable to an initial conference. However, it can agree to end a child protection plan if a full assessment has been made of the child and family’s new situation which concludes that the child is no longer suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

If the transfer-in conference concludes that a child protection plan is still required, the first review conference must be held within three months and subsequent reviews held every six months.

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