iCAN Website Launch

4th August 2017

Monday 17th July saw the launch of the iCAN website, http://www.uea.ac.uk/ican, and associated training materials.

This new resource is based on research led by Jeanette Cossar and Marian Brandon, which analysed how children recognise abuse, processes of telling, and what they think of the help on offer. Its development was supported by Impact Accelerator and HEIF funding, which funded Penny Sorensen to work alongside Jeanette to develop training resources based on the research findings. The website includes videos, case studies and training sessions aimed at the education sector and free to access. The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield welcomed the new resource, saying,

“This new website is a welcome practical tool for those adults best placed to notice changes in a child’s behaviour, those in schools and colleges. I’m pleased that much of the basis for the work on iCAN came from adults actually asking children what they thought and thereby put them at the heart and the start of the project. I’d urge all teachers to take a look at iCAN and see it as another useful step forward in keeping children safer.” The Education Safeguarding officer for Norfolk is sending the package to all schools in Norfolk as a suggested preferred resource for training in safeguarding in schools and there is also interest from other local authorities and from Ofsted.

Kelly Waters, Education Safeguarding Adviser for Children’s Services, facilitated the school involvement in the production of these materials and confirmed that they are now integrated into the whole school training package for Norfolk schools.

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