Child Death Overview Panel

The Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) is responsible to the NSCB for reviewing information on all child deaths, looking for possible patterns and potential improvements in services, with the aim of preventing future deaths.

CDOP’s statutory duties are laid out in Working Together 2018 as follows:-

The Regulations relating to child death reviews:
The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) functions in relation to child deaths are set out in Regulation 6 of the Local Safeguarding Children Boards Regulations 2006, made under section 14(2) of the Children Act 2004. The LSCB is responsible for:

 a) collecting and analysing information about each death with a view to identifying –

(i) any case giving rise to the need for a review mentioned in regulation 5(1)(e);

(ii) any matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in the area of the authority;

(iii) any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or from a pattern of deaths in that area; and

b) putting in place procedures for ensuring that there is a coordinated response by the authority, their Board partners and other relevant persons to an unexpected death.