NSCP Priorities

In April 2020 the NSCP agreed to prioritise neglect and child exploitation as key areas for learning and improvement, alongside our ongoing commitment to develop trauma informed leadership and practice. In July 2020, concerns around the national picture on non-accidental injuries to babies coupled with local learning from Serious Case Reviews and Safeguarding Practice Reviews, meant that Protecting Babies was adopted as a third priority, demonstrating the NSCP’s responsiveness to emerging need.

Each priority area is led by one of the three statutory partners, Children’s Services (neglect), Police (child exploitation) and Health (Cambridgeshire Community Services/0-19 Healthy Child Programme provider – protecting babies). This ties in neatly to our governance arrangements and reinforces the message of joined up leadership.

Strategies have been published against each area and are available on the dedicated pages of the NSCP website:


Child Exploitation

Trauma Informed Practice

Protecting Babies