Young Carers Bursaries

29th November 2019

Following on from the recent success of the Young Adult Carers bursaries, Caring Together are delighted to be able to announce that they have been awarded £1000 in funding from Carers Trust (made possible by The Pears Foundation) to provide bursaries (up to a maximum of £100) to young carers aged 15 and under to enable them to access opportunities similar to those accessed by their peers.

This could include things such as:

  • Costs associated with sports/recreational/leisure activities (e.g. entrance fees, transport costs etc.)
  • Purchase of activity related equipment (e.g. sports kits and clothing)
  • Tuition which builds on a demonstrated interest/talent (e.g. music tuition)
  • Attendance on school/club/group organised trips
  • Access to short term counselling support until statutory provision is made available (no more than 5 sessions)
  • Access to additional educational tuition and education related equipment
  • Purchase of laptops, tablets and software.

As always, demand will exceed supply but they are delighted to be able to make an extra difference for young carers just in time for Christmas. To ensure it is fair, and to try and support as many young people as possible, they have split the funding into 2 rounds so that all applications in each round can be considered alongside each other and will be anonymised and assessed by a panel of Caring Together staff and young adult carers.

Full information can be found here on the attached key information document.

Please send a completed application form back to

Please could share this with any families who you think might benefit from this.

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